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Adam Ratliff

Visual Storyteller

I am a thirty-something father of five based out of Eastern Washington. My specialty is taking difficult subjects and making them interesting to an everyday audience. I am an adventurous videographer, a tenacious editor, and a creative problem solver.

Adam Ratliff

What I Do

Recraft Media

Recraft Media

I am one of the founders of Recraft Media, a consulting firm and marketing agency.

We specialize in:

  • Higher Education
  • Economic impact campaigns
  • Community engagement campaigns

251 Productions

My production company devoted to web series, video production, and website design.

  • Field videography
  • Original script writing
  • Website design and content creation
251 Productions

House of Worship Consulting

My passion is to see local churches use their tools effectively, and to raise the bar in creative problem solving and team building.

My specialties include:

  • Live video production
  • Internet streaming
  • Video projection systems
  • Camera operator training
  • Audio and Lighting setup

Some of the people I have worked with

American Association of Community Colleges
University of Idaho
Washington State University
Economic Modeling Specialists

Some of my work

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